The quiet woman who changed Australian TV

Written by By Lillian Roberts, CNN

Snoochie Shy is not your typical reality star.

The former model turned TV personality doesn’t own an iPhone, has never had a social media account and cannot currently quote a single Kardashian line.

The Snoochie Shy is also smarter than one would expect.

When she first appeared in 2012 on Australia’s I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here , she couldn’t remember the names of her fellow campmates or their non-Australian names.

Quarter of the way through filming, she couldn’t bring herself to name the four food items she enjoyed when she was given a taste test. At that stage, she did have a memory — it was just one consonant away from completely vanishing.

After all, her brain had been hijacked by her personality.

In her first TV appearance, a prank went wildly wrong — she actually injured herself when she collapsed to the ground, only to stagger about like an autistic child.

With names like Snoochie Shy, it isn’t surprising there is a need for intervention.

Keen to prove her worth, she transformed into a medic after she was gassed by her fellow celebmates and medics separated her into two groups.

Meanwhile, her rise to fame meant she was able to avoid a lot of the negative press hitting other reality stars.

“The publicity in Australia was so huge for me — the only other reality stars in Australia would have been an AFL player or an AFL league champion and I was hosting I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here. I was massively in the spotlight,” she told CNN iReport.

But she was quickly deserted by the public who began to reject her.

“It’s like you’re on a rollercoaster ride and you want to come down but unfortunately you are going faster than the train can go. When it was time to leave I still had so much rejection, so much of the public said no.

“I was blown out of proportion; I was made out to be some sort of gold dust who could just come on and scoop the money. Everyone did me wrong. I feel like I was a victim.”

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