Sean Lennon: The American Red Cross Has Known About Haiti For A Very Long Time

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The Boston Pops just announced that they will be donating the Grammy Award-winning talents of Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s son Sean Lennon to the Earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, following the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti just a little over a month ago. During the Pops’ week long Tsunami and Earthquake Relief concerts, all proceeds raised will be donated to the American Red Cross’ efforts.

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Haiti earthquake assistance is one of the themes of the eighth annual “Festival de Musique” in Boston, which will feature an hour-long concert followed by a reception where the final awards will be presented. The festival runs October 19th to the 23rd.

“It is remarkable that this national organization operates in such a small country with such limited resources. The American Red Cross offers so much and is just the first place one contacts when in need in Haiti. This is where it starts for me and where many of the international organizations who would want to go and do aid work in this country truly first find out about it.” – Sean Lennon

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