Rep. Kevin McCarthy slams AOC and Ryan for heckling him on House floor

Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California blasted House Democrats for “trying to shut me down,” following their wide-ranging speech Thursday night.

The House speaker, speaking about the Democrats’ weekly policy address, said AOC and Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio were the ones trying to shut him down.

“The Democrats should call AOC and Tim Ryan on the carpet for heckling Rep. McCarthy,” he said, according to a pool report from a C-SPAN reporter.

No we can’t.

CongressmenTimRyan and AlexandriaOcasio-Cortez heckled.

They’re hiding from constituents at the TIP chamber.

9:30pm EST — RyanEason (@RyanEason) November 2, 2017

Those quotes were captured and tweeted out by CNN correspondent Ryan Eason, who is on Capitol Hill and says he was there for the AOC and Ryan “heckling” that led to McCarthy’s apparent criticism.

McCarthy, R-California, did not specifically mention AOC or Ryan by name, but he has accused the freshmen for not doing their jobs while he is under siege. On the House floor Tuesday night, he slammed what he called their partisan actions.

“They’ve decided to rewrite the Constitution and fundamentally change the institution. It would probably be best for them to get out of the way so the work gets done.”

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