Marine Cops To Striking Traffic Light Pole With American Flag

U.S. serviceman Ryan Mayer put his service country first by tying his own American flag to the traffic light pole that denotes the Mexican border, before hanging the flag in the middle of a street in his hometown of McAllen, TX, using a truck chain and bolt.

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U.S. Marine, Navy SEAL and former Navy SEAL helicopter pilot Mayer decided to do this in response to the ongoing “mother of all border wars,” the president said. Mayer’s stunt on Saturday morning was popularized by the armed rallies of Donald Trump supporters in the Southwest and helped generate the interest Mayer was looking for.

Mayer’s stunt was set up in front of a home where the wife was believed to be inside. “She decided to come outside and she said, ‘God bless America,’” Mayer recalled to CNN en Español, “and she had tears in her eyes, and she told me that she had been married in the Marine Corps and the Navy, and that God had given her a blessing because she was in a military marriage and that God had blessed her family.”

Turns out he wasn’t meant to leave – his flag made it just as far as the Mexico border, but Mayer was taken into custody. “There’s a whole bunch of police activity and everything, and they took it back down and took it to the police substation and I was sent to jail,” Mayer told CNN en Español.

He showed Fox News the custom American flag that was hanging on the pole where he hung his cross. “It’s because of the dead,” he told “The Military Channel.” “It’s for everybody, it’s not just for the soldier, Marines, sailors, airmen, marines, it’s for everybody. It’s just another excuse to put it up there, why not?”

He added “This country will always love you. It is by no means a Democratic country or Republican country. We will always love this country and nobody’s ever going to take this country away from anybody, including me.”

Thanks to Derek Martinez, of Fox News Latino.

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