Jenna Lee’s take on the Senate’s Social Security vote

A proposal from former Vice President Joe Biden to expand Social Security’s safety net cleared one of the GOP’s most difficult hurdles in the US Senate Thursday night.

The Democrat’s proposal would create a tax credit to help families pay for long-term care. The Senate Finance Committee approved the package which is similar to what President Obama offered in his 2015 budget and they passed it by a vote of 14-4.

Despite progress, the committee’s chairman Republican Orrin Hatch — who has been critical of Democrats — had some harsh words:

“This (Senate Finance Committee) has never had any intention of coming out with a new entitlement program or tax increase. This isn’t even close,” he said.

A vote could come as early as next week.

You can see President Trump’s reaction on CNN ION.

Will it? – Check back every morning.

Let’s look at what people are asking on Facebook and Twitter

Snapchat? You’re kidding, right?

Guess again.

Speaking at the University of Alabama Wednesday, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said:

“The internet is evil, it’s our own fault.”

Steve Jobs fought a long, public battle against the pornography industry after his Apple products were used for illegal downloads of pornography.

He kicked off the first national porn-offending technology showdown during a closed meeting of the Federal Trade Commission in 1984.

Michael Sessa is an attorney who has made sure people are charged with breaking the law, before they’re accused of using the web for criminal acts. He points out the Wozniak statement was accompanied by a lengthy explanation for why the internet should be re-regulated.

He told me:

“Wozniak doesn’t understand the web. He’s focusing on one particular point of the internet. The web is really changing society, and that’s the reason it’s called the internet. That’s not the reason it should be regulated. Because now there are enough filters in place to know that this stuff is on there, that it’s not going to do harm. It’s not going to do harm to the pornographer, it’s going to do harm to a kid or somebody younger. Now we live in a world where there are choices, and so Wozniak just wants to close it all down.”

“As he demonstrated before this in 1964, by almost 60 percent of parents, in each of the 50 states, the majority of all their children were watching the web, as opposed to TV. It’s no longer appropriate to see, to hide in one little chair in the corner, and not speak to, and not come to the door.”

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