How these companies going green in Ghana could pay off for the country and the planet

Most companies are doing it, but how do you measure how much? Use these tools to get the best out of your company’s long-term carbon emissions

How these companies going green in Ghana could pay off for the country and the planet

As organisations around the world continue to struggle with environmental costs, they are becoming increasingly ambitious about their carbon footprint. Good press, combined with policies on carbon, offsetting and water and other initiatives, have undoubtedly turned around the path of many companies – helping them to run businesses smarter and more sustainably. In a bid to make a concrete difference at a country level, environmentally conscious organisations should also be using the right tools to measure how much they are doing, and how far they can go.

Based on the report published by The Carbon Brief, here are some of the best tools which can help you measure and monitor your company’s carbon footprint.

Microsoft carbon calculator

The Microsoft carbon calculator allows you to input your company’s carbon emissions data for past and current activities and estimate your next five years’ carbon emissions. It also allows you to compare your company’s emissions data across other companies.

Honda carbon calculator

Using a thorough and neutral carbon footprint comparison, the Honda carbon calculator can help guide you towards environmentally responsible decisions such as purchasing low-carbon vehicles, sustainable packaging, renewable energy and using less energy overall.

MapInfo emissions calculator

The tool uses mapping data from MapInfo to estimate your company’s carbon footprint. It works by creating a three-dimensional graph which shows your company’s carbon footprint compared to competitors.

Manpower company Garuda Ecobee Carbon calculator

Using a “my costs” function, the Garuda Ecobee Carbon calculator allows you to input your life’s needs and activities – from entertainment to commuting to work – and calculates your daily carbon emissions. The tool also allows you to compare emissions data to other companies’ values, as well as their fixed-rate option.

UK company IT consultant Now Specialist Carbon calculator

The consultancy firm Now Specialist calculate carbon emissions for over 350,000 employees based on an annual carbon log which captures emissions from projects on the company’s design, technology and process improvement networks.

Website my Carbon Console

Website my Carbon Console calculates how much companies are spending on measures such as energy audits, re-forestation and energy saving.

Preferred ‘net zero’ energy supplier partner GridHub

The GridHub partner company allows companies to calculate how much they can reduce energy consumption and generate electricity on a net-zero-energy system by following suggestions for cutting consumption by 0.9% from within its network of more than 23,000 suppliers.

For the full report, visit the Carbon Brief website.

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