How Italian TV was able to make Adele’s new album available to buy in just five minutes

A German reporter appearing on 5 TV in Italy has become a viral sensation after accidentally botching an interview with British pop star Adele.

Despite knowing Adele’s new album, 25, was released last Friday, Matt Giusti still called his German producers to track down “the big one” (meaning, of course, the one he was paying to interview) before asking her to extend her interview.

However, after realising his error, Giusti quickly apologised on air and then sheepishly added: “I’m sorry, Adele, I didn’t know it was out!”

He then attempted to explain his mistake before being thrown off-guard after presenter Anna Piretti read out the giant news headline “Will Adele Appear on TV?”

To his credit, however, Giusti insisted he wanted the interview to go ahead, and would gladly watch it back.

The presenter later said she was “surprised” by the coverage the slip up had received but was “proud” of her team who “could not manage to report any information”.

We had a little test today. I was writing about @Adele but got her 24th birthday wrong. Will be rechecking again — Matt Giusti (@mgusti5tv) July 25, 2017

Uppermost in our mind were legal issues regarding the meeting and British Gred save us from a cop’s court summons. A HOOPER?! — Matt Giusti (@mgusti5tv) July 25, 2017

@agnateff A reminder, Adele wanted to talk to us: “She has a huge fanbase, and they have no clue,” In the Italian TV world this equals — Matt Giusti (@mgusti5tv) July 25, 2017

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