Harry Styles reveals lingerie collection

Written by By Staff Writer, CNN Contributors Jana Martin

British pop-star Harry Styles launched a gender-neutral cosmetics line on Thursday, which the singer said he had been working on for a year.

As part of his debut solo project, Styles called the project @MatchesFashion’s “For You” and it was followed by a short video trailer video highlighting the range of products.

“Being able to create a line of lingerie and all different other things, it wasn’t a huge stretch for me to be able to do this,” said Styles.

“Growing up, beauty to me is essential, it’s the way you feel about yourself. Sometimes you want to have all those positive emotions and confidence and femininity and that aspect, and sometimes you want to feel masculine and a bit manly. I wanted to create an inclusive line that covers all of it.”

The range features popular Lip Glosses called “styles,” “odd” Hand Creams and Lip Liners with the artist’s moniker “Hez” on them. The stuff is all available from June 11, with one of the Lip Glosses set at $25 for the 4.5 ml. equivalent, and the other set at $26 for the 5 ml. and £17 for the 6 ml. versions.

“I found myself having to explain my hair at a meeting of my management team and they’re like, ‘What is that do you do?’ and I’m like, ‘I’m Harry Styles and I got my hair styled by Chris McMillan.’ and they’re like, ‘What is that?’

“So I made some garments that’s was my aim to create something wearable that guys could enjoy wearing, something they could wear to a party or work wear or something they could wear to wear to university.”

Harry Styles

The singer-songwriter went on to say that the products are “cool” for anyone feeling bad about themselves.

“The most important thing to do as women is to feel good about who we are as women, really to put your faith in yourself. When you feel that confident about yourself you really shine, don’t you?”

Matches.com, which also produced the character archive for “Ready Player One,” collaborated with stylist Louise Roe to direct Styles’ videos, and the singer worked alongside makeup artist Alexa George, and Director of Photography Michael Avedon.

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