Golfer says recovery from injury helped by wife’s advice to keep taking up golf

Australian golfer Aaron Baddeley says the recovery from injury to his neck that forced him to miss the Masters in 2017 and the US Open in 2018 has been helped by the input of his wife, who insisted he take up golf again.

Baddeley, who dropped down to 407th in the world rankings when he was forced to miss the US Open, sustained neck ligament damage during an exhibition match in Sydney in August, which was later revealed to be a “stinger” rather than an “Accidental Grade A Shoulder Injury.” “Just within that first surgery on my neck I made the decision to have a second surgery in order to get the bone grafts back in there,” Baddeley told the Courier Mail. “Once that happened I thought I had a pretty good chance of coming back this year and then I also had my daughter at Christmas and she actually convinced me to take up golf again.

“I had a doctor’s appointment with her to check if I could play and she said ‘you’re not able to play this year’ and said ‘probably never going to be able to play again,’ so I made the decision and she knew I wanted to play. As an ex-sport guy I was a bit skeptical.”

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