Chris Christie to Republicans: ‘You’ve done a lot of winning’

“I would have faced my fate a year ago on this exact subject, but I worked really hard over the past two years. I want to speak to you today because I think it’s an opportunity to go back and look back on what we’ve done right, how we’ve grown and built a better party,” says Christie

“It’s about solving problems. It’s about trying to win elections. Our playbook is to try to get back to winning and solving problems. We’ll be on the offense on a whole lot of different fronts, and we’ll be able to do that because of the success that we’ve had in this election.”

Christie’s big ambitions: “[The] Republican Party is going to have a chance to pick up as many as eight seats. Now, the last time we had a chance to pick up seats in the Senate, we picked up about eight seats.

Why it matters: Christie is the “biggest player in the room” at the party’s Republican National Committee meeting this week. The New Jersey governor is seen as a shoo-in for a chairmanship post next year. Whether he’s up to the task is open to question after only narrowly surviving a stunning reelection.

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