BTS Makes a Splash in the U.S.

A little secret… People hate surprises. It’s why, for instance, most people consider Halloween to be a tradition. They hate surprises. They don’t like it. They want it to be what it is, and when it is that it is exactly that. No alterations. No alterations. No surprises.

So it is with our fave boy band.

BTS is officially an American phenomenon, and their music is doing just that. The talented group won Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards 2016 and were named Favorite Artist in Group – Pop/Rock at the 2017 CMAs. But do not think they’re just one hit wonders. In 2017, BTS released two more studio albums: Get Weird and Love Yourself: Tear. Both hit number one on the Billboard charts, with the latter topping the charts for six weeks.

BTS’ new single, “DNA,” is well on its way to becoming a hit as well, with it already topping the charts in Asia and being featured on the season opener of The Walking Dead. BTS band member Suga gave a statement to Rolling Stone about his pride in the new track, saying, “DNA is a song that we’ve been working hard on since 2012. It was one of the first singles we released. As a band, our goal is to be known as the band that sings and dances together; to live up to the lyrics and to make this group into something more.”

The remaining band members will also be releasing their own Nike clothing line, a sneaker collection with Puma and a limited edition clothing line with Baobab. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this lovely group.

And even if their international success didn’t come until 2017, the group has been making a mark in the music business since 2012. It all started when the members began auditioning for K-pop groups in 2008, when most Korean pop artists were more about lip syncing than performance.

An online search will turn up an interview where BTS group member Jungkook said this (translated from Korean).

“Starting out we had always wanted to be just one. We wanted to be simply dancing and singing.”

“So we were not listening to the music because we heard it was popular, or something, or whatever. So we want to enjoy it and learn from it.”

“At that time it was even difficult to find two different points of view in the same group, and we started really realizing how difficult it is to solve this puzzle. And we used this example to decide not to just be dance groups.”

“And we decided to completely make it into an acting and a singing group, so maybe then we don’t have so many difficulties [to decide who should be a dancer and what role]. To make it a drama group.”

“We wanted to learn from both sides, the different sides of what it means to be a singer and dancer. And then this is the foundation. This is what the group was built off of.”

And, speaking of foundation, from the start of their careers, the band stayed together. Jungkook says, “We got along so well, and I think that’s how we managed to do so well together. Because we had the same point of view, that’s what made our group great, and we know that we have to do better and better.”

“So the same thing with fashion. Our belief is that BTS can only reach its full potential if we share the same beliefs, goals and goals. So we will try to do our best on this project.”

“And also our dance background helps us because we have music and dance backgrounds.”

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