Baby dies after parents say he ingested drugs while car seat was left on hotel couch

A 13-month-old boy died from ingesting illicit drugs that may have been left on an infant car seat during a holiday trip in Alberta, Canada, the Toronto Star reports. The baby was sleeping in his car seat on the couch while his parents, Michelle Lisman and Jared Lisman, ate dinner on Nov. 20, 2018 at a nearby hotel. When the parents awoke the next morning, the boy was unresponsive.

The family told investigators that the child was diagnosed with sickle cell trait and that they were told that a drug could possibly affect the development of the trait, which can result in “severe energy and muscle fatigue” in children.

Police believe that the boy was “intentionally exposed to opiates” in the hotel room, the Star reports.

Though multiple drugs were found in the room, it’s unclear what drug specifically may have been responsible for the baby’s death. Both Lisman and Jared Lisman have been charged with manslaughter, as well as other related offences.

Read the full story at the Toronto Star.


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