Audio Book Review: Man Who Built America

The nights are drawing in and you’re craving for a break from the winter’s cold. Luckily, we’ve got a list of audiobooks you can download right now. With Oprah, George Stephanopoulos, and Steve Martin as the stars, these summer audiobooks have so much to offer.

First, the hottest book of the year: One country’s sister country is facing a devastating invasion, and its outlaw hero goes to war with the man at the top. Mark Bowden’s latest The Men Who Built America paints a stunning picture of the intricate rise and fall of the oil and mining industry in North Dakota.

Jennifer Egan’s critically acclaimed manuscript Far From the Tree follows four families from the dawn of modern America through family tragedy and dissection to the present. I’ve got two particular scenes to tell you about. The first is a truly creepy portrait of a family engaging in dabbling and disturbing sex. The second is the saddest of all, when a mother and her teenage daughter have a haunting meeting that surely haunts Egan’s story.

I also love the struggle of David Sedaris to marry his inner sincerity with his childhood bona fides. Sedaris pulls out all the stops for I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. He explores subjects including your current problems and your introspective past.

On the lighter side, we love historical fiction of the young adult variety. A big part of listening to an audiobook is character development and Tom Perrotta delivers a delightful tale with the New York Times bestseller Little Fires Everywhere.

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