Are Lower Prices Sustainably Priced? Is ‘All Things Clean’ Too ‘Renewable’?

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America is embracing the rapid transition to clean energy, embracing the “renewable” and “empowering” health benefits and the plummeting prices of such things as solar panels, wind turbines and energy storage systems, but is there a price that can’t be spared for the side effects that come along with making electricity cleaner and more green?

While Americans are supporting clean energy –- and by a wide margin in some cases –- it’s happening at a time when industries are being squeezed by Trump’s energy policies, which favor natural gas.

The president’s policies may mean lower prices for consumers but pain for small business, according to the Washington Post.

Electricity prices have jumped 5 percent in recent months – more than twice the increase experienced between April and May -– as natural gas companies must pass on higher costs to consumers.

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