Amazing photos of the new super-fast Dansklight Express trains

There’s more to Copenhagen than its place at the top of a list of what world cities are doing right. Outside of giant cozies or king cakes, there’s the Metro. The Cønten Itten — Copenhagen’s three-minute train (okay, it’s only 54 steps) is a beauty and a joy.

This new custom-made express train launched in May, but the journey to that city — from every angle imaginable, thanks to the city’s subway — is one you will appreciate from just about any vantage point. Here’s a peek at Copenhagen’s new “ultra-fast” train for the thrifty, the man with an eye for detail, and the Instagram addict who knows when a photo is worth posting:

For starters, how about a serene view from the top of Centrum Keplerstrup?

Picture courtesy of European Railway Museum

Pointing up the steps in a blazing summer sun, this idyllic view is everywhere

Picture courtesy of European Railway Museum

Visible for the first time when the train neared its destination at Narsted and arrived at railway station, this smorgasbord of greenery is pure Instagram beauty.

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