3-year-old Lewis Hamilton’s daughter gets treated to fine view from home

Could Lewis Hamilton see if his daughter could see her father’s support for a NFL protest?

There are no official images of Lewis Hamilton’s daughter Emilia watching her father compete in the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix in July, but in a poignant Instagram post the three-time Formula One world champion called on his fans to boycott refills at petrol stations to make a difference in the fight against the human rights violations and poverty in Myanmar.

“Honour to drive my daughter Emilia to and from the Russian GP this weekend – but sadly finding places to refuel in sunny Russia and be entertained doesn’t come cheap!” Hamilton wrote. “Motorsport can be a difficult subject at the best of times, and in a region that has seen some extremely difficult times in recent years in a country where freedom of speech and equality for all are often forgotten, Formula One has seen its fair share of PR and branding issues over the years, but we remain steadfastly committed to not just races, but our own values and a progressive approach.”

Hamilton’s post was also inspired by a similar call by Oakland Raiders offensive lineman and Muslim American, Khalil Mack to help push the NFL and American sports to end their silence on player protests.

There is little doubt that the debate around players who knelt during the national anthem, a tactic to highlight racial inequality in the U.S., were stirred by quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“We at Nike believe in empowering individuals to take charge of their destiny,” Travis Browne wrote. “And in 2018, in the NFL’s 100th season, we celebrate the tenacity and courage of this diverse group of men and women who have made it their mission to change the world for the better. From their incomparable contributions to sports to their inspiring message of equality, they not only wear the brightest yellow star on their helmets, but stand as a reminder that bravery is found not in wearing a uniform, but in following their heart.”

The debate appears to be heating up again, with LeBron James saying in an interview with The Undefeated’s Marcus Mosher that, as he did in the past, he would not kneel, and LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade taking to Twitter to share their opinions.

The NFL responds to the fans by starting work early for Thursday Night Football games on Fox and NFL Network. pic.twitter.com/UeJDPtuRQW — NFL (@NFL) August 4, 2017

James’s daughter gave her dad an early send off.

“I love you always” – born & raised in the 1st Fl to RIP my girl who passed on a weekend pic.twitter.com/IbLILaVrFO — LeBron James (@KingJames) August 4, 2017

And of course, both sides of the debate jumped on this cute video of Shai Howard kneeling for the anthem.

BUM BUM ME | Western Montana wake up we have to march it out pic.twitter.com/SC5SxFwVdH — Draymond Green (@Money23Green) August 4, 2017

Jahmel Bin Bibby, son of basketball legend Dennis Rodman, said his father should have been able to see his support for protesting NFL players.

“My dad called me about 20 minutes ago and told me I’d be arrested,”– Jahmel Bin Bibby (@tmanjahmel_JB) August 4, 2017

Obviously, no media platforms have explained fully how this would work. But at the end of the day, most races and races at the Grand Prix are being held at petrol stations.

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